API Settings for Vendor Migration

Login to your Technifai Dashboard with the email and password you entered at the time of registration.



After logging in you will be redirected to your dashboard. Then go to API Settings Tab on left bar.



In here you will see a form which requires,

                              1. Product Migration URL: An endpoint where the products you migrate from Technifai.
                              2. Product Update: An endpoint where the products that updates from Technifai will be notified.
                              3. Order Update: An endpoint where the order creates from Technifai will be placed.

Provide Authorization credentials and select authorization type if  needed.



An API Key is provided.



The required API format are: (Make sure the format will be same as given in the below links).

                                  1. Product Migrate
                                  2. Product Update
                                  3. Order Insert

You are given Technify webhook link.



After setting up your configurations successfully, you can now migrate vendor products from Technifai to your Dashhboard.

By clicking on Vendors Tab in sidebar.

A list of vendors displaying there total Products that exists in Technifai.

For migration of their products to your storefront click on the Migrate button.


As you migrate a vendor, a button that generates a session ID is visible in order to fetch products from Technifai API.

Detailed description is given in Technifai API documentation.




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