Artificial Intelligence Enabled Customer Communication

In a traditional retail store, a customer walks in and talks to your customer support or sales staff. In e-commerce, the customer interacts with your website and places an order online. You would assume that the order is placed, now there is no need to communicate with the customer. But this is where e-commerce differs from your retail store. The key to great e-commerce communication is keeping the customer well informed after the order has been placed.

You have to remember that customer placed an order online and haven’t yet received their product. Your communication needs to be super effective. At the same time, it is not easy to communicate with customer at every step.

Technify’s Communication module uses SMS to talk to customers and keep them informed everytime you change the status of an order. For order confirmations, we had a system in place where we ask the customer to respond with ‘1’ of the brand name to confirm their order and we would automatically change the status of an order in your system. This was working well but not perfect because a lot of customers would respond with text like this:

“pls confirm my order”

“Yes order is confirmed”

“jee confirm” and multiple others…

Our system was unable to take action on all these different responses. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in and solved a very real problem for our customers. Now with specially trained AI for online shopping, we can manage all kinds of responses. Your customer does not need to respond with a specific ‘prefix’, AI classifies all responses into different categories based on customer text. For example

Customer says ” Yes confirm my order”. AI detects that customer wants to confirm the order.

Even handles Roman Urdu

Customer says ” Mera order confirm hai “. AI detects that customer wants to confirm the order.

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