Categories and Options mapping with Technifai

Categories Mapping

After the Integration of your Store with Technifai, Login to your Technifai Dashboard.

Click on Setting->Category Mapping on the left menu tab.

All your Store categories will render on your dashboard.

Map your Store Categories with Technifai Categories by searching the name of your category on the Techinfai Category drop-down menu.

Select the Technifai Category with respect to your store.

After mapping the categories, click on the Save Categories on the top center of the page.

Options Mapping

Click on Setting->Option Mapping on the left menu tab.

All the options of your stores will render on your Dashboard.


Select the Technifai Size option from the Product Options Mapping and Click on the Update button.

Map the Size Option values from the Product Options Value Mapping and Click Update.

By using this way you can easily map your options with Technifai Options.

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