Enabling Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce is when you are looking to sell your products Internationally. One way of doing that is which a lot of Pakistani brands are already doing, is to send orders to other countries received on their website. If you ask Fashion brands like Khaadi & Gul Ahmed, they will tell you that a very decent part of their e-commerce sales comes from International orders.

So that is one-way and its great. Generally works for bigger brands because the customer comes looking for them or they have the money to advertise in targeted countries. Also, you are dependent on generating traffic on your website. You only get customers who are aware of you, you don’t necessarily get new customers.

AliExpress is the leader in cross-border commerce. Last year they received 110 million visitors from Brazil, BRAZIL!!!! That’s 16,638 Kms.

I don’t know, how many of you know realize that AliExpress is probably the hidden giant of Pakistan e-commerce. The amount of people ordering from AliExpress is astounding.

Why? because they offer a great selection, great prices, and most importantly ‘FREE SHIPPING’ (on most products).

So the question for us is. How can our local brands do cross-border selling? None of our marketplaces is doing what AliExpress is doing for China.

Thankfully, there is a way. ” We sell on marketplaces operational in that country “.

Technify has been working on a solution to enable cross-border e-commerce with Souq.com in UAE (You have to start somewhere) and now we have started taking applications. If you are an e-commerce brand and looking to expand internationally, fill the form below.

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