How E-commerce Businesses can use Text Messaging

The total number of mobile subscribers in Pakistan has reached 146 million out of a total population of around 200 million. That’s over 70% penetration. Despite this e-commerce businesses are not using text messaging effectively.

For e-commerce businesses text messaging should be an integral part of communicating with customers.


1) Because not everyone in Pakistan has an email address.

2) Mobile numbers are linked to each consumer’s NIC (National identity card).

3) According to research, only 10% customers are likely to open emails from businesses whereas 80% will check a text message.

4) Consumers are 6-8 more likely to respond to a text message compared to emails.

How to use text messaging:

SMS messages should form the basis of your transactional messaging with consumers. Pakistan being a COD (Cash on delivery) market, it is extremely important to not only verify numbers but also get confirmation from customers.
You can automate this process instead of making confirmation calls to customers via SMS. You should also look to keep the customer informed when for sample their order is shipped or canceled.

Technify SMS software automates this process for e-commerce businesses. You can get a plugin for most e-commerce platforms including Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Big Commerce and if you don’t use any of these you can integrate via API.

Once integrated you can setup messages on any status via Technify dashboard. Create automated responses and reply to customer queries straight from the dashboard.

Make your life easier and your customers happy, contact us to see a demo.

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