How Technify Manages your Daraz (دراز) Integration?

The main reason to write this blog is to tell our clients that how we at Technify can boost your e-commerce sale integrating your Daraz Seller Center with your e-commerce store.

When I was first assigned to study Daraz Seller Center API’s, I thought that it is a useless task as Daraz’s seller center is already very well built and provides a pretty good user interface. But when I studied daraz and did my research that how people are currently managing their brands on daraz, I felt sorry for them. Specially for the people who have their own websites. Imagine uploading a product on your website then uploading that same product on Daraz that have the same name, quantity, descriptions, price etc, the only thing that differs is the format and name of fields. Thinking that it is not an issue? Now imagine uploading 10,000 products on both platforms and keeping inventory and prices synched all the time.

Let me do some math for you.

Note: In following calculation I am neglecting the human error and considering that a human is working continuously for 8 hours. Therefore the final result may seem achievable.

  • N = 10,000 products to upload.
  • T = 10 minutes for each product (including image resizing and uploading).
  • N * T = 100,000 minutes
  • Number of days it will take = 100,000 / 60 minutes / 8 hours (working hours) = 208 days

YESS! 208 days. But I recently migrated 10,000 products to daraz for a vendor and it took only 2 working days (including my chilling and a complete season of The Big Bang Theory).

Main Issues:

While uploading products on Daraz, the following are the main problems that a vendor faces.

  1. Breaking a product in different options, as daraz creates different SKUs for each variation.
  2. Deciding product categories.
  3. Deciding product SKUs in a manner that it will be easy to manage them.
  4. Image resizing as daraz only allows specific ratio and it has a restriction on width and height.

Solving Issues:

In this section, I focus on each problem described above.

Following solutions are applicable for vendors that already have their websites on the following platforms

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Open Cart
  • Woo-commerce and Word Press.

For other platforms, you can contact us.


Most stores have 2 types of options that is sizes and colors, But daraz only supports one option. And it supports size options best. Consider a product that we are receiving from your web store has two options

  • Option A → Size which contains (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Option B → Color which contains (RED, BLUE, GREEN)
  • Total possible selection will be: 5*3 = 15

In above scenario, as we can see that there are 15 different possibilities that a customer can choose. Therefore Daraz asks it’s vendor to create 15 different SKUs.

In order to fulfill this requirement, our system picks options and create separate products for each case (in this case 15 products for 15 cases) and uploads them to Daraz in a way that they will be linked to each other. For example, if you open a product on Daraz front-end you will be able to see every size along with it and a customer on Daraz can select any size. And Daraz marketing team can also easily make groups of those products so that customer can easily browse the variations.

Each variation has its own price and quantity which will reflect exactly what you have in your store.


There are many categories on Daraz. And it is difficult for a vendor to select that which product will go to which category. But heyy! we are here to make your life easy. We provide you with an easy user interface from where you can easily map your store categories with Technify categories and then we will handle the rest.

Creating SKUs:

We provide multiple solutions in order to create SKUs on Daraz.

Magento anShopifyfy already provides us unique SKUs for each variant through which we can create a product with same SKU on Daraz.

Now this will bring some questions in your mind:


Q: What if I am managing unique skus in a seperate field like ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or something else?

A: No worries tell us the field and we will create SKU from it.


Q: What if my store is on opencart and my model field is unique for each product but I have multiple options and in opencart I cant create unique model for each option, but as you said that we must create different skus for each variation in order to insert in daraz, now what will be your approach to achieve this task?

A: Alright, in this case, we will add options at the end of models for example if you have a product that has a unique model that is SP-109 with size options (S, M, L), now we will create three products on daraz as discussed in the first section with following SKUs

  • SP-109_S
  • SP-109_M
  • SP-109_L


Last but not least, this is the most annoying task for any vendor. And it is the main reason due to which many vendors avoid to keep uploading their products on Daraz.

But again we make it look like easy peasy!

As long as on your store you have uploaded correct images they will be uploaded to daraz. Our code resizes it according to daraz requirements with zero quality loss and we also avoid stretching.

If an image is small in size then our code detects it and fills the background with white color to make it compatible for daraz and then upload it.

I really recommend vendors to upload their images in png format because we get better results when we edit images with png format.

Vendors (specially shopify and magento vendors) that have multiple options for their products will need to specify each image for each variation. And platforms that support multiple options have this functionality.




Well, I know that most of you will say that uploading products is one time task. And there are people who are ready to do data entry at very cheap cost. And those who have less than 500 skus why should they avail our services?

Well here is the most exciting part that our system provides. Live update for every product. Imagine that you change your inventory on your web store and within seconds it reflects on Daraz. Time and resources you are saving is unmeasurable.



Say bye to old exhausted days and do something meaning full with your life. Like netflix and chill.


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    i need your help to upload different product on different eCommerce website please guide me the procedure

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