Shopify growing in Pakistan

E-commerce websites are Pakistan have generally used open sourced platforms like Magento, Opencart, and Woocommerce. There used to be a trend of making custom platforms also. I myself am guilty of making a custom platform back in 2012. Just like myself people who built custom platforms justify by claiming that we need more control and customization for our platform. This thought process persists primarily because of lack of understanding.

Read my detailed post on custom platforms here: link

Coming back to Shopify. We at Technify focus on integrations for different platforms, when we started building our platform about a year ago most e-commerce brands were using hosted solutions. Over the last few weeks, we are getting more and more requests for Shopify integration. Only last week we received two requests for Shopify to Daraz integration. All the Shopify customers I talk to have moved from Magento (or other hosted platforms) to Shopify and the reason is that Magento requires skilled developer resource to manage. Shopify, on the other hand, is completely self-manageable, its a hosted solution and you just manage your website from the CMS (Content management system).

The only drawback with Shopify is they charge a 1% commission on all generated sales even on COD (Cash on delivery) orders.

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