Sell on Souq UAE

As a Pakistani e-commerce store now you can also sell on Souq.com in UAE. Your products will be listed on Souq while the inventory stays with you.

Why Sell on Souq?

Souq is the largest e-comemrce player in the middle east. Last year, Souq was acquired by Amazon for $580 million. Souq integration allows you access to a large customer base without any over heads of setting a company in UAE.

Technify Souq Integration

Technify will list your products directly on Souq under the name of a store opened by Technify. Product information and stock levels will be automatically synced with Souq.

Order Processing

Orders received will be picked by our Courier partner and delivered to Souq customer in UAE

Who can apply for this service?

Brands manufacturing products in Pakistan can apply for selling on Souq. Only selected brands will be integrated and allowed to sell on Souq.com