Marketplace Integration

With Technifai’s integration platform, easily sync product data across multiple marketplaces & e-commerce stores


What is marketplace integration?

Marketplace integration helps you connect your e-commerce store data with multiple re-sellers. You wont have to upload products individually on each marketplace or share inventory details.

With Technifai’s marketplace integration you can easily automate this whole process. We automatically share products, sync product data and get orders back into your platform.

“The biggest benefit of Technifai’s marketplace integration is that it automates the whole process.”

Benefits of integration?

You want to increase your e-commerce sales and open up as many store fronts as possible. you have the products and you.

Major part of this growth is marketplaces. Majority of online shoppers are going to visit a marketplace and buy from it.

That’s why, Technifai integration platform gives you the tools to increase your sales.

How do I integrate?

1) Sign up on Technifai.

2) Integrate your e-commerce store with us. a) Woocommerce & Shopify, One-click Integration b) Magento, Opencart download plugin c) Big Commerce – API integration.

3) Map categories and options/sizes with Technifai.

4) Select marketplace.

Congratulations! You can now sync with any marketplace.

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